Sunday, June 1, 2008

A few KUDO's

I wanted to send a few KUDO's out to a few people that have helped out above and beyond this past week.
As ALWAYS- Kim... I would be so lost without you! Not only are you the most organized person I have ever met, but there are no bounds to the length that you have gone threw for us!

Janet McKinnon- Janet was awesome this past Friday at the Sale.
The woman knows EVERYBODY!! LOL and she walked out and talked to people as if she had been doing this forever. I also want to thank her for ALWAYS coming to everything we have, sometimes on a moments notice. The Mckinnon family is a true powerhouse in our organization! And not to mention a really great group of kind souls..

And thanks to each and every person that stopped by and spoke a kind word, provided valueable information, bought a t-shirt, or took a flyer, your kindness never goes un-noticed!

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