Friday, July 23, 2010

A Letter From Mom...

On August 30th five years ago my Son Mike was murdered. No one can ever know how I feel to have my Beloved Son ripped out of my life! The cruel way he was taken from us causes me much pain. I was murdered that day! A Mother’s love is very strong and that love is carried in her heart until the day she dies. The worst thing that could ever happen to me has happened- Nothing could hurt me any more then loosing My Son. He was my joy! I was so proud of him! I love him so much and miss him more then anyone will ever know. The pain of loosing Mike never goes away and I cry for him everyday. There is a hole in my heart that will never heal. Someone took my JOY- HE WAS MY ONLY CHILD.  I am so Sad!
You with your Silent Voice have spoken the loudest! It says BETRAYAL from your role in life. You have not gotten away with murdering Mike and neither will anyone who assisted you. You may not stand before a judge in this life, but rest assured that you will stand before God and be judged.  Romans Chapter 12 Verse 19 says DEARLY BELOVED, AVENGE NOT YOURSELVES, BUT RATHER GIVE PLACE UNTO WRATH: FOR IT IS WRITTEN “VENGEANCE IS MINE; I WILL REPAY.” SAITH THE LORD.
Our family finds comfort in knowing that!
When you decided to participate in killing an innocent man (Mike Williams) then you sealed your own fate eternally. If you want eternal life in Heaven, then you will have to confess yours sins by mouth or you will have chosen eternal life in Hell. If you ever want God to listen to your prayers, then you will have to lay down your offerings and go make things right. Only then will God hear your prayers.
You are your own worst enemy and will never have the grace of living in Heaven eternally with your own families, unless you confess.
Any one who knows about this crime and doesn’t report it, there is a verse in the Bible for you also:  Hebrew  Chapter 4 Verse 13 –NOTHING IN ALL CREATION IS HIDDEN FROM GOD’S SIGHT. EVERYTHING IS UNCOVERED AND LAID BARE BEFORE THE EYES OF HIM TO WHOM WE MUST GIVE ACCOUNT!
It has been almost five years now since you ended Mike’s life. He is in Heaven now. The truth needs to come out and you need to make amends with God. Hell is a place that no one wants to spend eternity!                                                     

    Shirley (Mike’s Mom)


Dennis said...

A very honest, heartfelt letter Shirley. Well said!

Amy Marsden said...

Everything you said is 100% true my dear friend...Im so glad you wrote this because it is the powerfull truth and I pray it touches the right person and their days of hiding behind the cowardly walls of satan come to an end! Glod Bless you Shirley and your family for what you've endured....Your re-uniting with Mike one day in heaven will be grand.... All my love, Amy Marsden.....John 8:32..Then you will know, And the truth shall set you free xoxoxo