Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Getting Exciting!!!

Things are really starting to get exciting around here! We are gearing up for The Columbiana County Fair and as always...we are looking forward to seeing you there!
We are also working on a memorial tribute for Earl Tweed, Linda & Angela Morris down at the site that used to be Tweed's store in East Liverpool on July 30th.
There will be some key speakers. We are all bringing down flowers or teddy bears to leave at the site.
I believe we are starting at around noon but will update you closer to the 30th.
All good news!

And a VERY special "Thanks" to Wendy Winer for donating $200 to our mission! Your kindness is so appriciated! Thank you so much!
That's it for now....B-

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Anonymous said...

Hello Kim, I am very glad your out there helping all the families of these victoms. including ours.the family of Frank. I appreciate everything your doing for us. Thank you, Kathy Heiney