Monday, August 4, 2008

Columbiana County Sheriff

You may be wondering why I keep posting photos of John Soldano and Ray Stone on our blog. The answer to that question is very simple. The Sheriff's Race in our county is very important to us.(Probably more important than any other race)
The man that wins this position will have a huge impact on our organization.
I believe that without a doubt, it will be a great change. Up to this point, I haven't had any success making our current sheriff understand the importance of Unsolved Murders in our community. I feel strongly that both of these men, do understand.
Kim and I have spent alot of time talking to each one of these guys and are very impressed and hopeful that they will make some much needed changes in The Sheriff's Department.
I encourage everyone to please go to and talk to them and ask questions.
They are both very approachable and are out in full swing meeting people while campaigning. Please talk to them and vote accordingly.


Anonymous said...

thats amazing story.

Amy said...

Who I choose to date has nothing to do with this....but since you're interested, I'm am dating the most wonderful guy in the world right now!!!!! I defend my brother to the people who say they know for a fact that he did it!!!! I know they are both guilty...but as for the one who did the actual abusing....I don't think my brother could of. Everything points to Tiffini. All I want is the truth and justice so Dalton's soul may rest in peace. So quit bad mouthing people and quit hating on everyone and really try to look at everything from a neutral point.....that's what justice is all about!!!!