Sunday, August 31, 2008

Memorial for Mike at Pondi's 08/30/08

I just wanted to thank everyone that showed up at Pondi's last night to remember Mike. As most of you know, Mike was my cousin and was murdered 3 years ago yesterday. We had a nice visit with family and friends talking about fond memories, some really funny stories and of course how much we all miss him. Hopefully, someday...we will have justice for Mike but until then, I will continue to raise awareness about his death as well as all of the others in the hopes that someone...somewhere will come clean about what they know.
I am forever optimistic and do believe that good conquers evil, every time!

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Anonymous said...

will the man who was there talking to me he was with his wife please contack me .. my name ie emma weyan hear is my email thank you .. i would like to help out the families god bless you . your in my prayers i hope to meet up with all of you again.. its nice to have people like you.