Sunday, August 10, 2008


I have to say that we had a blast last night at the Italian Festival in Wellsville.
Shelly Roberts & Cheryl Jackson were terrific! (That's Shelly and Cheryl along with Becky Burke pictured on the right)
I swear they knew everyone in Wellsville!
A great big thanks to McGraw's Drive Thru for putting up with us for so long! The meatball sandwiches were awesome!
The best part of the night for me though was watching so many people wearing our shirts. It was amazing. Every time I turned around, I saw someone else wearing one. The support we are getting from the community is overwhelming! We couldn't be happier!
Our group had a blast! (The whole group except Kim who was busy taking pictures on the left)

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Anonymous said...

OMG!! I can't believe I have lived in this county all my life and never realized that this was happening. My heart is broke in two for the families of these victims. Who do we contact to sign up to join up as volunteers for these families. I have several friends and family members who are willing right now to join this effort. Buy T-shirts, walk fairs, festivals,events, work booths, raise funds for these families, bakes sales whatever it takes to help raise money for these families and raise funds for law enforcement to get these crimes solved.