Friday, September 19, 2008

JC Arrested again!!

I am sure that you have all read this mornings paper and saw that J.C. Amato was arrested again last night and my question is "Is he still in jail...or out on bond? The paper wasn't clear about this little point. It said that he "remains on $100,000 bond"
I do not know how many chances this guy is going to get. Give me a break! How many ways can he violate the law and still go home to his family?????


Just Kathy said...

JC is sitting in jail until $100,000 cash is posted or until his arraignment on Tuesday at 1:00. I am overwhelmed by the latest developments and we are just holding on through the latest news. Thanks for caring!
by Tonia's Mom

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, he is now more of a threat to himself and others than he ever was. I think he needs to stay in jail now until his trial(s)

Anonymous said...

How many chances? As many as the judge wants to give him! Welcome to the Columbiana County Justice system!

Leigh Ann said...

I read that and I was overjoyed to see it!

He needs to rot, plain and simple. The judge needs to keep him behind bars.