Monday, November 17, 2008

Dalton Springer

Dalton has been on my mind all day. I had horriable dreams about him last night and what he went threw. This is one of those cases that I hope I never have to go threw again.
This precious little boy didn't have a chance and I am angry.
Kim and I spent a lot of time today talking about Dalton and all that we have learned about his case since 1st hearing about it at The Columbiana County Fair.
1st and foremost in our minds is that there is no excuse for this. There is no reason that this sweet little boy should not be alive today. He would have been 11 years old. He would have been into video games, hanging out with his friends, girls, and everything else that this life has to offer.
He would have been a little man.
Instead we visit an UNMARKED GRAVE and are so sad by the fact that we didn't know him when he was alive.
I could share so much more with you but for once, I must keep my mouth shut.
Dalton deserves to be remembered and whoever killed him deserves to suffer...
That's all I will say ...For now!


Leigh Ann said...

Oh my why is it unmarked? It's too cold now to put anything down but maybe start a donation process to help with the costs of a stone?

No one should be unmarked.. ever.

Anonymous said...

well it also think of this little boy .. sit and say why? what did such a joyful little boy from what i see from the pictures hurt him... He was 3 the 2 people were older.What did he do to push whoever over the edge? he was 3 just 3 the time were they are amazing and the two people know of what happened took that from him.. WHY> I pray also everynight to god. saying please help all these unsloved murders. especaily around the hoildays... the Families of the victims know the people are out there enjoying thanksgiving Christmas. and that blog is RIght YOu have to Guess were this sweet little angle is so you can go and giveing him things... he should be opening girts on Christmas. eating to much turkey and pie and gettting a belly ache from eatting so much .. but no SOmeone took that. he is proubaly looking down from heaven wondering why .. and how these people are not put away and the are going on with there lives.And he is a past. A little boy that for some reason it has to be hush hush... I dont think the person or persons who did this looks at this site and reads the comments. and step up and say something so there can be justice and let the sweet little boy who is thinking what did i do? I was bad . he knew no better he was 3! the person or persons . if you are reading this How can you live like this ??? a young boy beatten to death. and nothing has been done.. I also pray everynight to god saying please help in this case... he is up there with you but you didnt take him home someone sent him to you. i know you hold him so close. and wonder when something is going to be done! YOUr allways in my prayers Dalton!And i will never forget you.I will keep guessing were your unmarked space is and put things there for you. even thow the next day its gone... Who Is doing that? why dose it make you so mad to take from this little boy,, havent you taken enough you took his life!!!Dalton there are so many that miss you and ther heart Breaks and they just cry when they hear about this 3 year old was beatten and nothing was done& will proubaly will not but again i pray that will change.!

Anonymous said...

hear is something that gets me so upset.. daltons mom.. okay says that jc did this .. hear is one if you thought he did thi to you little boy why would you go and have another child to him and he was a little boy... dont you have any feeling? are you human? if you did not want dalton there is someone out there that would take suckh a sweet little boy. there are some people out there that want children so bad . and can not have then .. so who ever too this little boys life .. why ?? why did you just forget about him and try to replace him.. you are a Sick person! how can you live with your self.. dose it even go threw your mind? all the little boy had to offer. there are so many people who love him and he dosent even know them .. bc someone took his life.. so why did you have another child not to long after dalton was murdered? your a sick person the whole thing makes me Sick. YOu will have to face god who ever did this.. and you will be only up there for a mintue because you are going to go to hell.. you dont take a childs life.