Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big Surprise in the Amato case!

Well, yet another attemp to make J.C. Amato a victim. Poor J.C. he has been treated so unfairly! Never mind that he MURDERED Tonia. That is Tonia at the right for those that may have forgotton. She would be here to defend her husband on the weapons charges but Oh yeah, he killed her!! We can't have anyone make HIM feel bad. The best that money can buy! Lawyer after lawyer, money after money, judge after judge. Eventually, no one will even remember Tonia. (She was the victim! Not J.C. for those of you that don't know that!) I am referring to the story in this mornings Journal. (below)
As always, my thoughts and prayers are for Tonia's family....

LISBON -The defense attorney for murder suspect J.C. Amato Jr. plans to challenge the grounds on which a search warrant was obtained that resulted in additional charges being filed against him.

James T. Hartford told Columbiana County Common Pleas Court Judge C. Ashley Pike during a hearing Tuesday that he intends to file such a motion because of what he believes are major legal defects with the Sept. 17 warrant used to search the Yellow Creek Township home of Amato's parents.

Amato Jr. has been living with his parents while awaiting trial on Feb. 17 for allegedly murdering his wife, Tonia, in July 2007. Amato Jr. has admitted shooting his wife at their Wellsville home but claims it was in self defense after she shot at him with a handgun while they were arguing.

In September, investigators obtained a warrant to search the parents' residence for the handgun believed to have been used to shoot Tonia Amato because the firearm in possession of authorities didn't match the bullet recovered at the scene. During the search, investigators found various firearms and pipe bombs in Amato Jr.'s bedroom. This resulted in his being indicted in October for possessing weapons while under indictment. Yesterday's hearing was on the weapons charge.

Unlike the murder charge, where his father posted $10,000 bond, Amato Jr. has remained in the county jail since his arrest on the weapons charge. Because of speedy trial requirements, he must go on trial by mid-December or the charge against him is dismissed.

The parties agreed to schedule a trial date of Dec. 16 on the gun charge, but Pike said he would continue the case once Hartford files his motion before then challenging the legal basis for the search warrant. Since Pike issued the warrant and cannot review a decision he made, a visiting judge will have to be appointed to decide the issue.

In other news, attorney Lynn Grimshaw was appointed special prosecutor to handle the gun charge against Amato Jr. since he is already the special prosecutor assigned to the murder case.


Anonymous said...

Not all people who work for this county in a law enforcement capacity are evil. Some try very hard to fight the bad guys. Not all of them are Dave Smith or Chris Davis. If you believe that or not, I don't care. Why don't you try really supporting them first to find out. One day you say support the police, and the next you say they are taking bribes. You need to decide which side of the fence you're on and then stay there. No wonder you guys have no support.

Belinda Puchajda said...

I have supported them. Over and over again. I did not say that everyone was taking bribes, I said that money does talk as far as J.C. Amatos' defense is concerned. You post anonymous but obviously want your voice heard. I am telling you that I have heard you. I admit that I originally were against the system and also admitted later that I was wrong and that I spent a lot of time learning about the whole process and I feel very strongly that there are in fact good people in office including our new Sheriff and the people at the Procecuters Office. My point, because it was obviously missed by you as well, is that Tonia Amato is the victim in this case and all the bull surrounding this case because of the Amato name is showing what poor J.C. is getting a raw deal! Give me a break already! If it were you or me, and we didn't have the name or the money, we would rot in jail. We would not have lawyer after lawyer, judge after judge, people excusing themselves from the case, etc. Maybe you should read what I write more closely and you would see that I have NEVER said that the police were taking bribes or on the take. And for the record, we have a lot of support. The problem we have is from people like you that look for reasons to bitch. If you have something to say, email and come forward with who you are. If you deserve my respect-you will have it.

Just Kathy said...

Thank you for remembering that this is about Tonia and the life that JC took. We know that in the end justice will be done. We miss our girl and my heart is still healing. Keep up the good work that your group is doing. There are some great people out there. Lynn Grimshaw the prosecuting attorney has been wonderful. Detective Andy Sweeney has treated us with respect. There are so many others also. Thank you!