Monday, December 22, 2008

Daltons Grave

I just wanted to share this with all of you. Kim went up to the cross in Calcutta where Dalton is buried yesterday. We had to have the owner show us where Daltons' grave was because as I have stated before, it is unmarked. It was the sadest thing I have ever seen! I will post the pictures for you and you can judge for yourself. Kim and her family bought a teddy bear (and the other things that you see pictured were also bought by Kim ) and wrote "To Dalton, Love, the C.C.F.H.V. on his feet. Please say a prayer for Dalton and if I don't post anything else, please keep your loved ones close & please Have A Very Merry Christmas!!!!


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Anonymous said...

this is so sad... I bet if you go out there and the things will be removed.. i took a cross made out of pine and put things what a little boy would like and someone took it.. what is the deal .. i am going to post something that DALTONS monther wrote to me.. i am not scaried anyomore she is a low life and hear i was defending her.

You just cant leave things alone and mind your own business and worry about yourself.
i did thing that I am not proud of and I paid for what I did. I had nothing to do with Dalton's death and JC does. He knows what happened that night. I told the police everything and they are the ones that have done nothing about it. I have talked to the people that I need to about getting daltons case solved. I went out of this state to bring someone in to help get it closed.
As for me having Sammy that was a mistake that happened. I didn't plan on having anymore children with JC... It just happened. You of all people know how he can sweet talk you into doing anything. Thats what happened and if you can't handle it then I am sorry.
If you want to still be friends then fine. I did nothing to you nor did I ever treat you wrong. I have been here when you wanted to talk. I have been nothing more then a friend to you since we worked out the differences that you and I had because of JC. If you can't see past that then I am sorry for you.
Good Luck in all that you do in life.
I am just going to tell you one more thing... LIve for yourself not for everyone else...
that was sent to me by tiffany spriner .. daltons mother.. (mind my on bussiness keep my mouth shut) she talks to jc.. well i am not.. i think they both should pay and you dont call yor children mistakes.

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The person that posted the last comment does need to learn how to treat a true friend... Some people would go out of there way to help other people and then there are those that don't care about anyone but them selves... That is who this person trully is.... She looks for drama and she wants all the attention that she can get... She thinks that people are following her and are out side her house at all hours wanting to kill her... Sounds to me like she needs to be in a MENTAL HOSPITAL!!!!!
She wants people to feel sorry for her and to run to her when she feels like there is someone chaseing her....