Friday, December 12, 2008

Lastest in Amato Trial

I have added a link to the bottom of the blog about the latest whining coming from J.C. Amato. Just in case you are interested....

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Anonymous said...

1. Does it make you wonder why it took the police over a year to figure out that the gun given to them by the murderer (JC) wasn't the right one?
2. What was JC going to do with all the sinister things that was found during the second search?
3. Was JC and Tonia going to have a gunfight like in the old west and that is why they each had a gun at the same time? I mean did she say "Hey JC, I am going to shoot you, but I will wait until you get your own gun first!"?
4. And, most disturbing of all, why did anyone think Tonia would get any justice? First she was murdered in Wellsville. Second, Wellsville is in Columbiana County where everyone goes to get away with murder. I see no justice here, as usual.