Monday, January 5, 2009

Attention Commissioners!!

The story in today's Morning Journal about the Sheriff needing funding needs to be addressed. (story is at the bottom of the page) The Sheriff's Department is so severely undermanned at the moment and it is time for the citizens of Columbiana County to stand up and scream for more funding!!
Above is a map of our county. (Click on the map to enlarge.) The red areas are covered by different police departments and the other areas are all the jurisdiction of The Sheriff's Department. It is really eye opening to see this huge area and know that there are only 2 deputies patrolling this entire area at most given times. This is a very serious issue and the commissioners that control where the money goes, have decided that it is NOT a priority at the present time. According to the article in today's paper, there are a lot of departments in need of this money... Can someone please tell me what is more important than the safety and protection of the citizens in our county? Please call your commissioners and ask them to reconsider their decision on this matter. If we stay on this same path, there will never be a safe citizen in this county again and please remember` it is NOT the Sheriff's Department's fault if they can not get to you in the event of an emergency.

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