Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yesterday at Roger's Sale

Kim and I had a great time yesterday at Roger's Sale. It was a beautiful day and it was great to get out there and talk to people again about our cases.
As usual, we got some new information that we need to verify and for the most part, people were very responsive. We did have a few ignorant people though. Kim had a girl that asked her if she wanted a quarter when she explained why we were out there., there was also a guy that walked by and said that he killed each and every one of them and then proceeded to make machine gun sounds, etc.
I do realize that when u deal with the public, you always run the risk of people being ignorant. I am just really proud of myself and grateful to Kim because when I am provoked, it takes usually all the will I have, The Grace of God and Kim to keep me from lunging over the table at these ignorant people!

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