Thursday, May 28, 2009

Daltons' candle Update

Tiffiny Springer, Daltons' Mom has graciously agreed to pay the balance on the candle. I will get with her soon and as soon as I receive the money, I will go get his candle and we will place it on his grave. I will take lots of pictures and post them on the blog. The C.C.F.H.V. would like to thank all of the people that helped us with this effort. We appriciate it more than you know!


Anonymous said...

Tiffani lost the tittle of "Mom" the moment that Dalton lost his last breath. She is lots of things but a mother she is NOT. And exactly why does she not mark that babies grave with a headstone? I believe that there was a headstone placed and then REMOVED. Who does something like that? Why would it matter where it came from? Tiffani is a sick person who needs help. She needs to fess up and stop with the bullshit lies. Nobody would kill my baby and walk free. And any "mom" would feel the same way. Come hell or high water somebody would pay. That is why none of this makes any sence unless she has a part in it.

Anonymous said...

Again, we would like to thank everyone that has helped us with this.