Thursday, June 18, 2009

Memorial For The Missing

We are having a Memorial Service on June 25th, 2009 down in east Liverpool at the corners of 9th Street and woodlawn for all 3 of our missing persons. We are having it at the site where Debbie Taylor and her 2 children were murdered back in 1979. Robert Wooton is in prison for her murder but was also the last person to be seen with Louise Davis who is one of our missing. He maintains that he has no knowlege of her whereabouts. It starts at 1 pm. we have a few guest speakers and it will be a memorial service to remember! Please attend if you can! All 3 went missing in the month of June. Let's bring them home!


Anonymous said...

Please let me know how that memorial goes i am sorry i cant attend i am not able to drive out of state right now but leave my love at the site for my aunt debbie and the kids!

Child from the past

Anonymous said...

I believe this person is living in Wheeling WV on N. Wabash St. If its not him it is his identical twin.