Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We first met the Joy family at our MISSING PERSONS MEMORIAL on June 25. While we had read in the paper about little Christopher's story, it really brings home the tragedy of it all when you meet his family.

The Joy family lives in Wellsville, Ohio. We met them this week on Tuesday at the Dairy Queen in Wellsville and learned a little more about what they have been through. Like Mike Williams family, they are not taking little Christopher's murder lying down. They are getting his story out as much as they can. They are talking to who ever will listen. They certainly have our attention. We are waiting for some pics from them before we put their full story on here. It won't mean the same without seeing little Christopher just 5 days before he died. Not a lot shakes me up, but this picture does. If you click on the picture of the Joy family at the memorial and look at the story board below them, you can see some of the pictures they used, and get a good idea of what that baby was going through. It makes me angry that anyone could murder an 18 month old baby and then have no charges brought against any one for the crime. We know that the more time that goes by with out pressing charges, the more likely it is that they won't. If you doubt that, look at the case of little three year old Dalton Springer. It is almost 9 years now since he was murdered, and still, no one has been charged.
Please look for The Christopher Joy Jr. story on here soon. The pictures might shock you, but the Joy family is living this nightmare and they are determined to get justice for Christopher.


Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace sweet angel! Mommy loves you and dont let anyone make u think different. Chris sorry for your loss but u know Mollie was a great mother. You also know that u didnt call the house 4-5 times a day, it was more like 25-50 times a day just to cuss at Mollie and get into her business where u didnt belong. The only business between you and her was that sweet little boy. The man that was charged is innocent and you know that. Dont take it out on him just b/c you didnt like him. Just b/c u lost Mollie to him. Its very sad what happened that night and it affected Mollie and her boyfriend too. He was put in jail for a horrendous crime he didnt commit. Christopher lost his life and so did mollies mother. Mollie lost the 2 most important ppl in her life and the the third was put in jail for something he didnt do. Leave her alone she is still grieving. Teri is no longer with us b/c of suicide so just let this story rest so everyone can grieve on their own terms. Dont make it worse. We love you lil Christopher "Bubby"!

Anonymous said...

What a tragic story. So sad. We love and miss you little CHRISTOPHER! YOU ARE GONE BUT YOU WILL NEVER B FORGOTTEN

Tiffini said...

I am sorry to hear about your loss. I also lost my son. It is one of the hardest things that can ever happen to you...
I know who MURDERED him but nothung has ever been done about it. So i do know how it feels to not have the person who MURDERED your son behind bars. It is like THAT NIGHT ALL OVER AGAIN.
I can tell you one thing time does make getting through each day just a little bit easier. But the pain, anger and the hurt never go away!!!
It just makes us stronger people.
I will be praying for you and your family.
The one that I will be praying for the most is Christopher....