Monday, September 28, 2009

Thanks To Everyone Who Came To The Lisbon Ghost Walk!!

Before we say anything else we want to thank Chris and Debbie Shivers of Lisbon for all the help they gave us for our tour. Not only did they tell us about their house, but two others as well. Your kindness and bravery is greatly appreciated by us.
And to Stevie, who showed us around town and gave us the scoop on a lot of Lisbon's well kept and guarded secrets.
The walk was great. We managed to make $80 to go toward our non profit status. Thanks to everyone who came. We hope you had a lot of fun.
The following pictures are of us walking around Lisbon hearing stories about the Underground Railroad, haunted houses, abandoned graveyards, and civil war soldiers.

Thanks to everyone who came to this event and paid $5 to go. The $5 you spent put us that much closer to getting our non profit status. Your kindness is heart felt and greatly appreciated.
A heartfelt thanks to Ghosting 12 Paranormal for all their hard work in preparing the tour and hosting it. The members above include Jon, Mike, Amy, Sarah, Amber, and Sammi. Another member of the group, Dave, was on duty with the Air National Guard, and could not attend. You also have our heartfelt thanks.
CCFHV will be set up at Harvest Days at Beaver Creek State Park on October 3 and 4. Please come down and say hello!! We will be drawing the winning ticket for the pair of Ohio State Football Game tickets dated October 31 against New Mexico. Your last chance to buy a raffle ticket for them will be during Harvest Days. Hope to see you there!!

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