Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who Came To The Balloon Launch?

Sheriff Stone, quiet and reserved, but COMES TO EVERY EVENT HE CAN FOR CCFHV.
Craig Brown, our County Recorder.

Gene Williams, Mike's dad.

The Gary Paulin family. Their fight for Justice for Gary has just begun, but they are determined. And we will support them in every way we can.

Craig Roberts Family have been fighting for Justice for him for over 7 years now. They will not give up. They also come to everything we do and we can't thank them enough.

Barb Davis (cousin of Louise Davis) and Sherryll Jackson (Gene Lysle's mom). Both of these fine ladies brought family members and friends who supported them. And both have been with us almost from the beginning. We love them!

Frank Daniels family. Kathy has fought almost alone for Justice for Frank for 35 years now. Frank was her brother and she loved him.

Rhoda Monigold and other members of Linda and Angela Morris's family. Her brother and husband also came, but we didn't manage to get a good pic of them together. Her anger at it being 36 years since the murder of her sister and niece with no Justice for them was clear as she spoke to the crowd. They also have been with us almost from the beginning and we love them.

Jim Ciotto of the B.C.I. supports our efforts by helping us whenever he can. If we have questions about how Ohio Law is or what happens in a typical investigation, he readily answers them. He has given us books and info to guide us along the way. He helps us to understand what we are dealing with and makes our efforts easier.

Joey Gilmore's family and friends. They didn't know we were having a balloon launch and showed up because they heard Joey's name announced over the loud speaker when we read our victim's list. They were also at the County fair.

Mike Williams mom, Shirley Winn and friends. Bill, Gretta, Mike (a friend of Mike's) and his mom came to support us too.
This isn't everyone who was there, but the ones we managed to get pictures of. Christopher Joy Jr's family was also there, but after sifting through the over 300 pics we took that day, there isn't one pic of them. Bummer. There were members of Dalton Springer's family and Sherry Irapoli's family, James Brennamen, and James Anthony Sr as well. There were others, and I am sorry if we missed any one.
We are grateful to everyone who came on behalf of their loved ones or who came to support the families.

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