Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Balloon Launch For Victims Of Domestic Violence

Belinda and I went to a Balloon Launch today for Victims of Domestic Violence In Lisbon.
It was here at the Catholic Charities Building. There was a nice gathering inside and we were treated to coffee and donuts. We listened to some great speakers and one very brave woman who told her story of abuse by her X-husband and how she has become a survivor. Her courage and strength to get through her ordeal has been amazing. She worries that, while her abuser got 5 years in jail for what he did, he gets out in 2012. What will she do then?
This is the wreath in front of the court house that helps to remind people of the need for support for the victims of Domestic Violence in Columbiana County.
Here is Belinda, waiting for every one to arrive at the Gazebo to launch their purple balloons.
As we have seen with our red heart shaped balloons, we watched them soar into the sky.
And right into this tree. For me, I won't soon forget the reason for them being there and how important it is to help support the people in our lives who have gotten the courage to get out of a violent relationship, or worse, the ones still trapped in them. CCFHV will be there to offer what ever support we can.

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