Sunday, February 14, 2010

Man posing as BWD?worker turned away by homeowner

POSTED: February 12, 2010
Posing as a Buckeye Water District employee, a man attempted to enter a Calcutta resident's home Thursday morning, but the homeowner denied him entry.
The St. Clair Township Police Department is investigating the matter.
According to township police Chief Don Hyatt, the incident occurred at 7:30 a.m. Thursday.
The woman inside the home said a white man knocked on her door and said he was from the Buckeye Water District and needed to enter her residence to check for leaks due to a water break in the neighborhood, according to Hyatt.
After the woman told the suspect she had no water leaks inside her home, she then asked for some form of identification.
"At this point, the complainant says the male became angry and walked away without incident," Hyatt noted.
The suspect left the area driving a white Chevy S-10 pickup truck. Hyatt said the truck was described as being in good condition, but it had no public utility markings on it.
The suspect is described as being at least 6 feet tall with a moustache, and he was wearing Carhart work clothes.
No water break was reported in the area, and members of the Buckeye Water District do not drive vehicles matching that description, Hyatt learned. Also, all water district employees wear uniforms and carry forms of identification.
The department reminds all citizens to exercise common sense when strangers appear at the door. Residents should:
- Speak through the locked door and not open the door unless completely convinced it is safe to do so.
- Demand identification and, if the individual is legitimate, there should be no problems in seeing that identification.
- Contact the police department if something does not feel right.
The Thursday morning incident is still under investigation, and anyone having any information may contact St. Clair police at 386-3585.

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