Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Needs To Pass! The Sheriff's Dept cannot afford any more cuts!!

ales tax renewal draws bipartisan support

POSTED: February 21, 2010
Columbiana County Democratic Party Chairman Dennis Johnson and his Republican counterpart David Johnson probably agree on very little politically.
But one thing they do agree on is the belief voters in the May 4 primary election need to renew the 1 percent county sales tax. Both appeared at Wednesday's meeting of the county commissioners to express their support and offer help.
"We view this as important to the well-being of county government" and its residents, David Johnson said of the tax.
For the county to be in a position to attract businesses it needs a functioning county government, something that cannot happen without the sales tax. David Johnson said no business wants to move where the county government is broke and public services are in a shambles, which is what would happen if the tax fails.
The tax generates about $8 million a year, accounting for 44 percent of the $18 million in general fund revenue commissioners have to allocate.
Dennis Johnson said loss of the tax and the $8 million that goes with it will result in massive layoffs, especially in the already understaffed county sheriff's office.
"I'm like Dave. People aren't going to move into a county that can't protect them," he said. "I don't want to go backwards."
David Johnson said both party chairmen are willing to speak at any public forums on the tax or do whatever else they can to assist in promoting renewal of the tax, "because this is vital to the well-being of all."
Commissioners expressed their appreciation for the bipartisan support of the sales tax, saying they have managed to keep county spending under control without curtailing services during some difficult circumstances brought on by the recession.
"We've worked hard to make it work. We're not like the federal government and we just can't come up with the money," said Commissioner Jim Hoppel.
"We've really done a lot with less," Commissioner Dan Bing chimed in.
Commission Chairman Penny Traina also thanked the Morning Journal for Sunday's editorial, entitled "Repeat after me: It is not a tax increase." The editorial chided members of a local Tea Party group for continuing to refer to the tax as an increase even after commissioners told them it is a renewal of an existing tax.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the commissioners should outline what they've done with the money that they've spent thus far and point to where they've done more with less in detail! Furthermore, where is that fat cat Charlie wannabe Congressman Wilson hiding? His rich ass hasn't done a damn thing for Columbiana County as congressman. A multi-millionaire pretending to be a congressman for one of the poorest districts in the entire country. WHAT HAS WILSON DONE FOR COLUMBIANA COUNTY???

Anonymous said...

I have an idea - let's just layoff one or two of the commissioners! We don't need that many anyways - what do they do? A lot of counties have a one man executive style government in charge - not a panel like Columbiana county - we need to change the rules here and save costs starting at the top. Allegheny County in PA did it and Cuyahoga County in Ohio is implementing the executive style as I type. The current structure hasn't made any impact in Columbiana - just look at the place - there are no jobs to be found - the smart ones leave and never come back after college. Why aren't there any jobs in Columbiana County? Why isn't someone doing something about the real issue rather than worrying about "cutting services" when most residents don't benefit from the so called services now. There would be more money if the spineless people at the top (from both sides) would start leading this county and think of ways to create JOBS! IT'S ABOUT JOBS AND NOTHING ELSE!

Anonymous said...

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