Monday, March 8, 2010

Calcutta stores report counterfeit bills taken

POSTED: March 8, 2010

Secret Service was called in to assist St. Clair Township Police Sunday after several local businesses began reporting receiving counterfeit $100 bills.
Charged by township police with one count of felony forgery and several counts of theft by deception was Eugene Allen of Akron, who is being held in the county jail without bond, pending arraignment in East Liverpool Municipal Court.
According to township police, they were called to both Walmart and Shoebilee about suspicious $100 bills being received, with one officer going to one store and a second officer to the other to investigate.
They both found the bills were counterfeit, and an officer continued on to J.C. Penney, where he asked whether a man had come in and purchased anything using a $100 bill, and found he had.
At a beauty supply store in the same plaza, officers found another fake $100 bill, and Patrolman Nolder reported Sunday night about a half dozen were found in all, with officers called back to Walmart late last night when another bogus bill surfaced.
Nolder said the Secret Service handles counterfeit cases and arrived on the scene Sunday.
Allen was seen walking along the sidewalk at the Walmart plaza and reportedly matched the description of the customer merchants said had paid for his purchases with the $100 bills. He was taken into custody and later transported to county jail.
In an incident Saturday, township police reportedly found 10 to 12 bundles of heroin in a vehicle during a traffic stop.
Charges reportedly are pending against the driver, Paul Hefner of Calcutta Woods, who officers said was seen leaving the apartment complex and was known to be driving without a license.
When he was stopped, the suspected heroin was found between the vehicle's seats, according to Nolder, who said the vehicle was towed from the scene.

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Susie Rowley said...

at Calcutta Woods on people that place is know for that...
You move their to get a nice place to live on a fixed income, and would rather live anywhere else, for the drug traffic....and you can't tell me that no one else knows about this, the way people come and go....including the local police...maybe the Secret Service should check it out...