Saturday, April 17, 2010

Help Wanted by East Liverpool Police..

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Help Wanted

EL police request clues on suspect ID

EAST LIVERPOOL - Detectives with the East Liverpool Police Department are asking for help in identifying an attempted armed robbery suspect.
"We're looking to identify the male shown in some surveillance video stills," Det. Don Fickes said Friday afternoon. "We believe the person is from the local area."
At 6:35 a.m. April 10, a white male entered the Marathon gas station at 1048 Pennsylvania Ave. and tried to rob an employee with a knife.
In one of the images captured from the surveillance video, a male, with his face covered, is seen exiting the store with a knife.
According to the initial report, the suspect was inside the store prior to the robbery attempt and asked an employee for a cigarette. Separate video capture images show a male wearing the same clothes going into and out of the store.
A few moments after the first encounter, the employee told officers he was kneeling on the floor at the counter when he saw a white male enter the store holding a knife and a garbage bag.
The suspect was distracted for a moment, and the employee was able to run out of the store and called for police assistance.
While standing in the parking lot, the employee spoke to a police dispatcher and the suspect went outside and told the employee to go back inside.
According to the employee, the suspect walked away quickly and disappeared down Long Alley.
The white male is described as being around 40, with long hair and some facial hair. He is approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall and missing some or all of his front teeth.
Fickes said he suspect has a bad complexion with possible acne scars on his face.
"We believe he has been seen in the area since the robbery attempt," Fickes said. "The last time he was seen, he was with a female, and we'd like to talk to her as well."
Anyone with information may contact the East Liverpool Police Department at 330-385-1234 and leave an anonymous message on the tip line or call and ask to speak to a detective.


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