Saturday, May 29, 2010

Columbus Trip 2 Days In May

Kim and I went to Columbus this week for the Two Days In May, a 2 day workshop program for Advocates on Crime Victims Awareness. It was an amazing experience for both of us and we learned many, many new things. Hosted by Attorney General Richard Cordray, who by the way is an amazing speaker and all around great crusader for Victims of Crime, we took separate classes that covered areas such as Listening Between the Babbles, which teaches how to deal with children who have witnessed a crime, How to be an effective Board Member, Pending Mandatory Restitution and Victims Right Law, which discussed the restitution programs for the families that may cover funeral costs, and compensation for time lost from work,Unnecessary Pain: The struggles survivors of homicide face, Advocacy in Unique Case Scenarios, Findings Following Sexual Abuse, Erica Baker Case Study,Family Trauma, Media Training for Advocates, and much, much more. There were tons of information booths up that Kim and I both took advantage of and brought home as much training materials as we could carry. We were in awe of the people that surrounded us. There were people from every organization that you could ever imagine such as NOVA, Parents of Murdered Children, MADD, etc. The instructors were extremely helpful and next year when we go, and we will, we plan on taking a whole group of people with us. For those of you that were there, it was an experience of a lifetime and for those who were not there, if you have the opportunity next year, please try to go. You will never forget it!

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