Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Emily Foreman

I would like you all to meet Emily. She was beautiful. She was a young Mom. She had a family that loved her. She was MURDERED on August 23, 2006. She was stabbed to death in her home. Andrew Irwin was prosecuted for her murder but has been granted a new trial beginning in September. Emily's family has to go through this long, heartbreaking process all over again

I have had the pleasure of spending a bit of time with Emily's Mom, Kim. She is a warm, wonderful lady that clearly is in a lot of pain and misses her daughter greatly. My Aunt and her have a kinship., a friendship of understanding. They have both lost their child.. No one EVER should have to endure this. No one should EVER lose someone they love to murder., by the hands of some coward., no one should EVER have to have someone they love ripped from their lives. Meet Emily. She was here. She was loved. And now she is gone. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing what you do. It makes a difference.

winnshtx said...

Emily was a beautiful young lady - NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PLAY GOD AND TAKE SOMEONE'S LIFE.
I feel your pain Kim!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Irwin was convicted a second time in the death of Emily Foreman. This case has been solved.

Belinda Puchajda said...

Emily's case has been solved and is listed in our "Solved Cases" section but Andrew is appealing his conviction so therefore she remains on our site. :)

Anonymous said...

So sorry for the loss of this lovely young woman cut short in her prime.