Thursday, December 30, 2010

the End of 2010

Another year has come and gone and there is still very little hope for the families of the unsolved murders and missing in our county. 
We were out all summer long still doing what we do. We received a lot of leads and tips as usual and so far, our efforts have been in vein. 
None of our cases were solved.
Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of cases solved in this county, but I can't help feeling sad that none of ours were.
I recently discussed this with my Aunt and we both agreed that we are tired of saying "Well, maybe next year will be our year!" 
Maybe next year. 
We have been saying this for six years now.
Maybe NEXT year.
I have never and will never give up hope that Michael's killer/killers will someday be caught and punished for what they have done, but it does get very discouraging for us to always have to continue waiting.
We did have some good things happen for CCFHV, Inc. though. 
We are now "Inc." having our Non-Profit Incorporation Status with the government. 
We have had our documentary on the Tweed/Morris Murders aired on tv and will air 4 more times.
We had an awesome spaghetti benefit dinner, as well as working again almost all county events over the summer.
We formed our Board of Directors. We went to training in Columbus.

We had 2 Balloon Launches that were both successful.
But probably most important to me, we were out there. We continue on raising awareness about these cases and that is what we have to do. 
Not one of these 22 murdered or 3 missing will be forgotten. Not ever!! 
Waiting and hoping. 
Maybe next year? Well, we will see and we will hope because that is all that we can do!! 

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