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Salem woman faces endangering charge

December 16, 2010 - By MARY ANN GREIER
LISBON - The mother of a child whose death is being treated as a homicide has been charged with endangering children, but more charges are expected against her related to the boy's death.
Miranda V. Todd, 23, of 4735 McCracken Road, Salem, was taken into custody late Tuesday night at her current residence by deputies from the Columbiana County Sheriff's Office for the third-degree felony charge filed by Salem Police.
The July 23 death of 7-month-old Derek A. Dennison remains under investigation, according to county Prosecutor Robert Herron, but he's anticipating presenting the case to the grand jury soon.
He said he's expecting other charges will be filed against Todd through the grand jury related to her child's death.
When asked if charges would be filed against anyone else, he said, "I don't anticipate that at this point."
Salem Police Det. David Talbert said they had information that she was planning on leaving town, prompting them to file the endangering children charge. The charge filed in county Municipal Court alleges that as the parent of the child, she created a substantial risk to his health and safety by violating a duty of care, protection or support when the violation resulted in him suffering serious harm.
In an affidavit filed with the charge, Talbert recounted how he was called to Salem Community Hospital on July 23 in reference to a deceased infant who had "multiple bruises and swelling to his head." He said the autopsy performed on the child by the Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office "revealed numerous injuries including skull and rib fractures."
The affidavit alleged Todd failed to obtain appropriate medical treatment of the injuries sustained by the child. When questioned about the injuries, Talbert said they believed they happened over a period of time leading up to Derek's death. He would have celebrated his first birthday on Dec. 23.
Both Talbert and Herron said they'll be requesting a significant bond during Todd's arraignment, which was expected to happen this morning in county Municipal Court via video from the jail. Herron explained they had information that she has a relative out of state and there's been some consideration that she may leave the area. He noted she doesn't have a stable residence, maintaining numerous residences during the course of the investigation. She also recently lost a job of short duration.
"She knows she's the focus of the investigation," he said.
Todd was living at the McCracken Road residence with her boyfriend, John Ingledue, whom she claimed was the child's father during an incident at the child's funeral which resulted in Lisbon Police being called. In his obituary, the boy's father was listed as Greg Dennison Jr.
"It's a very emotional case, anytime a child dies, especially in a case where there's neglect or intent," Talbert said. "My heart goes out to the family, but we'll be driven to make sure justice is served on this."
He said the investigation has been a team effort, mentioning both the prosecutor's office and the coroner's office.
Talbert closed the books on another infant death being investigated by Salem Police, saying no charges will be filed in the death of 7 1/2-month-old Mackenzie Everly, who died Sept. 1. He said it was determined an underlying medical condition led to her death. Police had not considered the death suspicious, but any time a child under the age of 2 dies, an autopsy is performed.
Talbert said a third child death remained under investigation. Salem Police had said previously the Oct. 31 death of 21-month-old Braydon T. Eichler appeared to be accidental after an oven fell on him.
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