Saturday, July 9, 2016

I don't understand why everything horrible comes down to race. It is not a race issue people! Black lives matter, blue lives matter, all lives matter. The problem isn't race. It is that people are raised with NO morals and have a ridiculous sense of entitlement. There are no consequences. The girl working at the local coffee shop's life is just as important as a Hollywood celebrity. They both have a purpose. They both have families that love them. The media spews hatred by interviewing someone like Al Sharpton everytime there is a death that involves a white man killing a black man. Who cares what Al Sharpton thinks?? We all KNOW what he thinks. He wants only to fuel hatred and the media helps him. His opinion is no more important than anyone else's. As for the police....Let me try to explain this a little bit to those that do not get it. The police are Law E*N*F*O*R*C*E*M*E*N*T Officers. It's in their title. Their job is to "enforce" the law. You don't have to like don't have to agree but their title commands respect and they deserve it. If a police officer tells you to "get on the ground, smile, and sing the theme to The Lion King", get on the ground, smile and sing the theme to the Lion King!! You do NOT resist. You do NOT start bitching about your rights.( you do that in court) You do NOT pull out your gun! Newsflash....they also have guns and they WILL shoot you if they feel you are a danger to them or the public. WTF is wrong with people??? I am not saying that every cop is good. They are human. And just like all of these people killing others, they have ugly hearts, they are selfish, and hide behind some made up #hashtag as an excuse to be violent. NORMAL PEOPLE DON'T GO AROUND KILLING PEOPLE!! Normal people do not shoot at the police for no reason. Normal people don't shoot someone because of the color of their skin or because of who they choose to love. These are "Nutjobs" with their own agenda. Can't you see that? You cannot watch a 5 second video clip that someone posted and KNOW exactly what happened. That is for a jury to decide. Does anyone truely care about the victims? There is no way that that jackoff from Ferguson that was burning buildings, breaking windows and flipping cars over in his own hometown gave a crap about the victim. He was using that situation to further his own agenda. And...he did NOT represent all of Fergason either. It wasn't a town against the world senerio. It isn't about RACE! It is about nutjobs that want to be violent! It isn't a need for better "gun control" either. It is about a nutjob that wants to be violent. There are millions of gun owners that DO NOT go around shooting people. I'd like to shoot all the morons in this country, but do i do that? NO!! Because I am normal. And...I would probably run out of bullets...Please STOP segregating people into neat little packages. It is NOT a race IS a human thing. We should all be banding together at this time...not segregating ourselves into nice little groups. Come together and stop blaming these situations on anything other than what they are.
End rant...

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