Sunday, November 20, 2016

759 Dresden Movie Premire

This is going to be awesome! I hope all of my friends will come, especially any CCFHV family members.
Mark your Calender's!
I would LOVE for all family members to be there and available for questions ( only if you want) it will be a great opportunity to be the voice for our victims!

A Special Screening of 759 Dresden and The Last Run of Pretty Boy Floyd.
Join us at the Main Street Theater in Columbiana Ohio at 5:00pm on December 18th for a special charity screening of the documentary 759 Dresden about unsolved homicides in Columbiana County Ohio, followed at 7:00pm by a holiday screening of the documentary The Last Run of Pretty Boy Floyd.  Proceeds from the first show will go to the Help Hotline Crisis Center.  Belinda Puchajda of the Help Hotline and Columbiana County Victims of Homicide, Officer Kelsey Hedrick, and others, will be there to answer questions after the first show.  Historians Kelsey Hedrick and Tim Brookes will answer questions after the Pretty Boy Floyd documentary.  Doors open at 4:00pm for the first show and at 6:30pm for the second show.  Tickets are $3.00 for 759 Dresden and $10.00 for Floyd.  Tickets are available at the door or online at
Main Street Theater, 5 North Main Street, Columbiana, Ohio
We strongly recommend you purchase tickets in advance as both first showings of the The Last Run of Pretty Boy Floyd were sold out and we do not know when, or if, either film will be shown again.  (NOTE: 759 Dresden will not be available on DVD and we don't have a DVD release date for The Last Run of Pretty Boy Floyd yet so this may be the last time both films will be available for a quite some time.)

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