Sunday, April 13, 2008

Charlie McKinnon

I wanted to take a moment and give you a few details about this case. Charlie was shot to death on December 15th sitting in his truck outside his in-laws house.
Appearently, there were no witnesses and so far, no one has been charged in his death.
I have gotton to know Charlie's family over the past year and they are a really great bunch of people. They are kind, honest and very caring. They need some type of justice for Charlie. He was a good man, he raised his 2 twin daughters (known as Charlie's Angels) on his own and was very close to his family. Everyone that knew him said that he had a very larger than life personality and he is missed everyday. Please help us find justice for Charlie. If you know anything, anything at all, please email me directly and maybe we can help his family find some peace that they so justly deserve!


winnshtx said...

I had the pleasure of meeting the McKinnon family. Charlie's Mom and I hit it off right away - I guess its a Mom thing - we both lost our Beloved Sons to murder.
My heart goes out to her, the holes in our hearts will never mend,the grief is indescribable! Her and I share the same desire and that is to get justice for our Sons. You are in my prayers daily. God Bless You My Dear Friend

Mike's Mom

Anonymous said...

When some one is suddenly and violently stolen from this life, the effects are devistating to the family that is left behind. And so it is with Charlie's family. Like a hole in the sky that can not and will not mend, his loss is so great in his family you can actually feel it when you meet them. I know I did. They're fighters and will not quit until Charlie's murderers are brought to justice. Their loyalty and devotion to him makes me wish I'd have known him. And it saddens me that I never will.
I just want them to know they will always have my support.

Anonymous said...

Death Leaves A Heartache No One Can Heal, Love Leaves A Memory No One Can Steal.
-Psalm 56:8
You keep track of all my sorrows.* You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.
-Hebrews 4:13
Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

Ashley Craig
[one of the twins]
Charlie's Angel

Anonymous said...

wow i dont even know where to begain charlie was a good man this should of never happen to him he was a wonderful people and also a wonderful dad to his girls he loved them so much... i miss you..

Rachel said...

I have never met Charlie in person. I knew his mom and girls and talked to him a number of times on the phone when i would call the house. He was always cheerful. He didnt know me personly but talked to me everytime like we knew each other for years. Like we were long lost friends. I miss them talks.
My heart goes out to all his family.

My prayers with you all

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to let you know I miss you! Its not fair that we lost you and no one has been held accountable. I pray that one day there will be justice for you. Have patience and faith. The day will come.

Belinda Puchajda said...

No one...and I mean no one has the right to take another persons life. We are not judge, jury and executioner.. and by the way, Charlie was shot when he was leaving the property. He was not shot during a fight. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to email me at

Anonymous said...

charlie's family, a brother who skinned his girlfriends pet dog in her front yard,over a minor arguement, a grandfather,a pastor of all caught for molesting 30+ children, another brother...crooked cop,......and Charlie who frequently put a gun to the head,in the mouthand beat-up the Bell girl he married....also thought to be a participant or conspirator in the murders of 3 people in Columbiana Co...real good people...huh seems like death should have met him alot sooner? I think so!

MHawk said...

Anonymous said...
charlie's family, a brother who skinned his girlfriends pet dog in her front yard,over a minor arguement, a grandfather,a pastor of all caught for molesting 30+ children, another brother...crooked cop,......and Charlie who frequently put a gun to the head,in the mouthand beat-up the Bell girl he married....also thought to be a participant or conspirator in the murders of 3 people in Columbiana Co...real good people...huh seems like death should have met him alot sooner? I think so!

September 21, 2009 8:22 PM

Listen up shithead,I'm that crooked COP brother you wrote about,you have something to say DONT hide behind words without a NAME,say it to my face! I say you dont have the back bone to show your face to me and say anything you wrote on here,what I say your going to hide forever and thats what makes you a dumbass and shows how little you really know about my family.

Tonya Beaver (Hissam) said...

Ok little scared one that wants to hide behind there September 21st comment. Want you to know that the words you write mean nothing to this family. We just sit and laugh as we read your stupid post. We also want you to know that you will never know peace just because you say the bad he may have done to hide the deed you and GOD know you have done. You may be able to hide here on earth but you will get yours in your end and good luck with that. All Ya and I am not afraid to let you know who I am either so get out your paper and pencil and write this down. My name is Tonya Beaver (Hissam) and you may reach me through this blog or ask around town I am not hard to come across because I don't hide behind words.

Anonymous said...

its sad that lives have been lost, enough pain. cant anyone be sorry for the families that have lost loved ones. I hope no one else has to suffer such a loss. may God bless you all. there is enough pain and suffering in the world today.

Frank Cathell said...

Just to set the record straight, I don't know the facts on any of the other comments made by "Anonymous", but, Charlie's Grandfather (also my Grandfather), a Pastor, has never molested a child and has never been accused of molesting a child.

The sad reality is that one of Charlie's Aunt's married a man who turned out to be a molester. They were divorced a number of years ago and no one in the family has had any contact with the man since, but anyone who knows the family knows the unfortunate story of "Uncle Bill Gough".

If "Anonymous" thinks he/she had his/her facts straight about that, I can only imagine how many of the other comments in the post are also skewed.

After creating a site dedicated as a memorial, Belinda, you should be ashamed of yourself. As the site moderator, allowing such posts from someone who obviously has an axe to grind, is unconscionable.

Allowing "F-bombs" and unsubstantiated derogatory comments to be made not only about the victims themselves but about their families?

The fact is, I am a member of Charlie's family. I knew and Loved him. I know and love his bothers and sister. We were all very close as kids. I moved away and don't keep in touch like I should, but it doesn't mean I don't miss them. It doesn't mean that I'm not devistated to visit a memorial site and find the types of things I found here.

Bottom line: This website is your baby. You might want to clean up the crap.

Belinda Puchajda said...

Frank, I also know Charlie's family and care for them very much. The fact is that I do not take any comments off of this site. I am not going to "Pick and choose" what I choose to publish. That is not why we are here. If you fully looked over the blog, you would see that. I am also a family member of a homicide victim and if I do not allow all sides to this blog than I would only allow MY side to be published. You want to attack me, that is your opinion. People that visit this blog are coming here to view information about all of the victims. Not just the nice comments. If you would like to see an opinionated bunch, please read all of the posts on Dalton Springer. As for me "Cleaning it up" all that I can say is that I am ALWAYS here for the victims and anyone that knows me, knows that. If you do not like what is posted here, then I suggest that you don't return. Belinda

Newt Render said...

I did not know Charlie, though I previously knew his mother from church. I have no self-interest in this case other than to see justice served. I agree that no person has a right to kill any other human unless it is in self-defense or war (and I re-think that sometimes). I am so disturbed that I will begin my own private investigation of Charlie's murder. As it develops, I will incorporate other resources that I've gained in my profession.
This Blog seems to attract the full spectrum from loving family and friends to the illiterate, empty minded low-life like Anonymous. I'd like those who can help to supply basic enforcement jurisdiction, people interviewed, by whom, investigating officers, hospitals involved, location where he was murdered, what anyone knows, no matter how insignificant. I know that the coward who shot him will pay. Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

The man was not shot in the truck. Before you go making site's for someone an put false accusations an stories on, I suggest getting the facts straight. As for the crooked cop. You should be ashamed of your self an the death threat's you have said. Your no better then the annoymous guy. Charlie wasn't this great guy. You've all painted this picture that he was some great guy an citizen. The fact is he was not. He was under investigation for murders in Columbiana county. He even bragged about the murders he commited. Heck ask anyone in EP or around the area who has a back bone they will tell you what he was like. He was going to prison for 20 to life. What for you ask? How about the upwards of 50million dollar net worth of drugs he ran from Arizonia to Pittsburgh. Good Guy i think not. People aren't dumb you can convince ones who didn't know him that well but the ones who knew him knew what he was like an what he was about an what he did. OH an just so you know He beat that girl so bad that he fractured her skull. An you sit there an have the nerve to make threat's an then other people talk about how there was a hit put out on that family? Seriously, I'm not here to start problems but get your facts straight spreading lies an rumor's is called FALSE ACCCUSATIONS! No one likes to hear about someone dying. It's a horrible thing. But before you go an point fingers an ignore everything an make false statements sit back an acutally think about it. You can say he was a good guy all you want an good father but who sits there an smokes weed with their 13yr old daughters. Thats a role model there. An the drug running seriously? Look at his one friend who was partners with him he got 20 to life the same Charlie was up for. I believe this site should be taken down. Along with the other ones. An Crooked Cop. I have no idea why your not behind bars as well you are no good either. Paint your pictures an pretend what you want. In the end GOD is the one who decides. This is all completely senseless an outrageous with these remarks an how people can over look the things he did an bragged about. May he rest in peace. But as for everyone who makes these false statements an accusations or paint these fake lies I hope some day you can move on with your lives an let go. You know better. Quit hiding and making lies to make him out to be some great guy cause we all know he was not!

Anonymous said...

I have seen Charlie McKinnon's truck. If he wasn't shot in it, explain the bullet holes in the windshield. Explain the broken out back window. It is in the evidence impound lot. If he wasn't shot in it, why is the truck there?

Anonymous said...

To Charlie's Family:
I have defended Charlie and you for three years now. I have never judged you, nor have I questioned anything about you, even with all the ugly rumors we hear not only about Charlie but other family members as well. I have never hurt you in any way. At one time I considered you my good friends.
Doesn't the bible say Judge not lest ye be judged?
Yet you have never talked personally to me about your extreme dislike of my ghost hunting. Not once. You go through other people to communicate with us. "Friends told you we were promoting ghost hunting now" because I was handing out my card at events. I handed out my card at two events because we did the Ghost Walk in Lisbon as a Charity Event For CCFHV. We charged people to come and ALL THE MONEY WENT TO CCFHV SO WE COULD KEEP GOING OUT THERE AND TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT THE UNSOLVED MURDERS IN THIS COUNTY.
My ghost hunting is a hobby and it is turning into more about Columbiana County History than even hunting ghosts. Had you gone on the Lisbon tour or even bothered to know anything else about me, you might have noticed that.
You mentioned my husband's tatoo that you saw on his arm. Did you notice the burns on his arms, too? Those were third degree burns he received on both arms saving our home from a fire. The burns are so bad some of his tattoos were burned off. You don't know how many times he has said he wished the burns on his right arm went a little higher.


Cheryl horner-McKahan said...


Cheryl Horner-McKahan said...

I have read all the comments on here. Some of you people disgust me! Why would you want to leave such harsh things on here. His daughters I am sure read this! This is meant to be a memorial site to pay tribute to the fond memories that we have of the deceased. Not to tarnish or taint what memories that we do have!No one is perfect! You should be ashamed of yourself! If you have nothing nice to say then don't visit this site!

Big Brother said...

I really want to meet the asshole who logs in as (anonymous)you just cant seem to keep your comments to yourself, maybe you'd like to say something to me in act like you know me!!!maybe we should just meet in person? care to introduce yourself to me in person and mention this site when we meet? I'm Charlies Brother the crooked cop

Anna Cathell said...

Maybe there should not be an anonymous listing. If you have something you want to voice, that is your choice. You should own your words.

cheryl horner-mckahan said...

Wanted to say that I have known Krissy and Charlie for many years. My heart felt prayers to you and your families. Hopefully you will get not only justice for Charlie but peace as well.

Anonymous said...

Charlie may have had his faults, who dosent? None of us are perfect by any means..but for the years I had known him and his family they were all around great people that would give you the shirt off their backs! This page was created to memorialize his memory for his friends and family not for you to leave rude comments for his daughters and grandchildren to read one day. It should be Kayla and Ashley's choice if they want to explain in full detail what Charlie's life consisted of to their children.. I pray for the family often and I will always remember charlie as a wild ass hillbilly with a heart of gold for the ones he loved most. Drugs ruin people and make them not who they once were, its happening in everyone's family wether we like it or not. So why not show some support and love instead of running mouths and making accusations and putting people down. We are the only ones who can change this ugly world but instead everyone wants to point fingers and cause violence. #showsomelove