Sunday, April 13, 2008

New t-shirts

I just wanted to let everyone know that we are in the process of designing new t-shirts.
The new shirts will be available hopefully by the 1st part of next month and feature unfortunatly a few more names. I will get the info for the other victims Gene Lysle and Louise Davis as well as others as soon as possiable. (there is a picture of the design at the bottom of the blog)
I really think the new shirts will be a hit and hope to sell many more than the last time. Remember, all of the money earned will go to more advertising for all of these victims.
As always, any help is appriciated and we will be at alot of upcoming events with a booth or table set up with flyers and the t-shirts so please drop by and say hello.
I will keep you posted on where we will be as we reserve our place. Right now, we have a spot reserved for April 26th, all day at the Skyview Plaza in Calcutta. (by Giant Eagle) They are having a huge flea market and we will be there.
I am working on trying to get pdf's for every flyer and have them accessable from here so anyone wanting a flyer can print them right off the website. (also, anyone that knows how to do this easily, please email me)
And as before, we are looking for new sponsors.
Anyone can sponsor their name for $25 and anyone that knows of any businesses that might like to sponsor a more expensive box, please email me or give them my email address.
Remember to tell them that it is tax deductable!
See you at Skyview!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I would like to purchase a T-shirt but I now live out of state. Please email me and let me know what the cost is and what cost may be for shipping.