Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Roger's Sale & The Pottery Festival

Roger's Sale this past Friday was a huge hit as usual.
I was finally able to spend most of the day out there.
It was blistering hot & humid but was definatly worth it. Each & every time that we are out there, we meet really interesting people and ALWAYS learn something new about 1 of our cases. For the most part, people are kind & encouraging. We do have a few idiots though that will say something totally unappropriate or try to cram down our throats some "Fact" about a case that is total BS, but it still enlightening.
The Pottery Festival despite the down pour that Kim & I wallowed threw, was actually a really good time.
We gave out hundreds of business cards and met some very interesting people. New contacts are also a nice addition.
I will have some pictures posted here soon for everyone to see from both events.
Hats off to Barb Davis (Louise Davis's cousin) who was really great at the Pottery Festival. She spent alot of time there with us (Thanks Ricky also) and went up to people as if she had been doing this forever!
It is always great when we get someone that gets out there and helps us. It makes us feel like we are not out there fighting a loosing battle and that people for the most part, really do care!!

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Anonymous said...

my family and i were at rogers on the 4th and we would just like to say that what you are doing is a wonderful and inspirational thing.