Sunday, June 22, 2008

Events Updates & Setting The Record Straight

I know I'm a bit behind on this info, but we have had a crazy week.
I wanted to take a moment and just kind of give everyone a heads up about some upcoming events.
As I stated before, The Pottery Festival was very interesting. People are often very willing to come up to us and tell us anything that they have heard about the victims. I love that! People really do care and for the most part, the thing I find amazing is that so many people have NO idea how many of these cases there are that are still unsolved.
Which leads me to believe that we are achieving what it is that we set out to do.
We are planning on being at The Roger's Sale every Friday. The Columbiana County Fair all week, The Salt Festival, and anything else we can find.
We know this is working because we have givin out business cards one week and people have checked out this site and returned to us the next week to buy a shirt or make a donation.
That is our only goal. We want people to care that our loved one's were murdered and hopefully, if they have information, take it to the police.
Which brings me to my next topic....
Setting the record straight...
I have been informed lately that some Law Enforcement Officials seem to be under the impression that all we do all day is sit around and bash the police.
That is simply NOT TRUE!!
We tell everyone that we are out there because we have the man-power and the time to be out there.
Everyone reading this blog has heard that The Sheriff's Dept and other agencies are short staffed and just don't have the man-power available to talk to everyone.
That's where we come in....
We are not trying to solve these murders ourselves or any other silliness that you may have heard.
We are simply trying to give people a place to come to for information on these cases and the phone numbers to call if they have any information.
It helps our families feel like we are helping in some way.
We all agree that we are tired of sitting around hoping that the phone will ring and the person on the other end will say that they got the "Bad Guys" and we can have some peace.
This is our chance to ~Give Back~ if you will. We need to be involved.
Are we angry? Of course we are! No one should EVER have to be in our shoes, but that's not why we spend every waking moment out there trying to make a difference. Our loved one's deserve NOT to be forgotten!
Most Police Departments understand what we are doing and I was even told by one Detective that Quote: "He's glad we are out there." unquote..
That was the very best day of my life! We all need to work together. The families that are out there are doing their part and we expect the others to do their parts as well.
I am confident that we are making a difference and people are responding. We will be here as long as it takes.
We may not have alot of money, we may not have law degrees, but we do have support and for now, that's good enough for us!

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