Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Spinning my wheels...

As time goes by, I am becoming more and more overwhelmed by the outpouring we receive every single day.
Unfortunatly, the victims list keeps growing instead of getting smaller.
I hope and pray everyday that we are making a difference and just when I think I am at the end of my rope, I will get a phone call or run into someone at the store and they will lift me up again.
Just tonight, the one who lifted me up was my step-daughter Jessica.
Jessica came to both of our original meetings and was wonderful! She drove 2 hours one way, both times to be here for me! She is a positive person by nature and helped alot of us hold it together at least long enough to speak.
She was awesome!
I haven't talked to her for awhile and we were on the phone catching up and she simply said "I'm proud of you." That was it. And in my depression which is sometimes overwhelming, that simple statement made me realize that what I am doing here IS important.
Thank you Jessica for reminding me.
Now- I'm back on my game and will be posting information on new victims soon.

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