Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Complete List of Victims To Date

Below is a complete list of missing or murdered in Columbiana County.
There are a few that all we have are their names.
If you have any info about anyone here or photographs, please email me .
Thank you!

Linda Morris July 30, 1973
Angela Morris July 30, 1973
Earl Tweed July 30, 1973
Tim Cline April 17, 1973
Frank Daniels Sept. 8, 1974
Louise Davis * June 21, 1979
Dick Altomare Sept. 19, 1999
Joey Gilmore Oct. 24, 2000
Tracy Hill * June 7, 2001
Craig Roberts Aug. 26, 2002
Walter Valentine Feb. 24, 2003
Gene Lysle * June 13, 2004
Michael Williams Aug. 30, 2005
Charlie McKinnon Dec. 15, 2006
Tonia Amato July 1, 2007
Bruce Burton Sept. 24, 1988
James Anthoney (no info)
Dick Hubbard (owned Hubbard's truck stop, Salem)
Dalton Springer 3 years old, beaten to death Nov. 17, 2000
Terry Ballard Oct. 13, 1995
Irwin Keefer (shot in Glenmore 1976)
James Brenneman found May 5, 1971

* Missing


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why is Tyler Unkefer on this list? He was not a victim he was a lose cannon that could have killed my kids and others at that party if he had not been stopped that night. I'm sorry he had to die but better (one) than the many he could have killed with the gun he went home and got and came back and started shooting. It is not an unsolved case. It is sad he was so young, but he has no place on this list with these other victims
Just my opinion

D. said...

Why is Shelby Miller not on this list either?

Belinda Puchajda said...

Shelby Miller is not on our list because CCFHV is about Unsolved Murders and Missing people. Shelby's case has been discussed on here when he was missing, I posted the stories from the papers. His case, although devestating is not unsolved. They know who killed him and have made an arrest. Tonia Amato is on our list because when we started 2+ years ago, there had not been an arrest in her case. Once her husband J.C. is tried and if he is found guilty, she will have solved on her link. I will post a link to your website which I looked at earlier today btw, and will post it under our "Other websites of interest" link. We are there for the families and if you need anything, please let me know. Belinda