Sunday, July 13, 2008

Everything happens for a reason...

We are firm believers that everything happens for a reason and yesterday at The Salt Festival was no exception.

After a rather slow start to the day, John Wade stepped in to lend us a hand. THANKS JOHN!! He knew everyone in the city, I think and jumped in again and helped us for hours!

We also had the opportunity to meet with a man named John Soldano who is currently The Chief of Police in Leetonia and more importantly, running for Sheriff of Columbiana County. We briefly discussed our organization and told him what we hope to accomplish in the future and HE ACTUALLY LISTENED! I have a really good feeling about him and hope to meet with him again in the near future. (that's Mr.Soldano with Kim & I in the picture)We also had a chance to meet a great young woman by the name of Marian Spack. She is The President of Young Democrats in Salem and also a volunteer for our County Recorder Craig Brown. I was very impressed with her. (And hope to steal her from Craig very soon...okay, or at least borrow her..)Thanks to everyone that helped us out yesterday (Janet of course too) as well as our ever supportive husbands! Things are definatly looking up!
Ps- Why is it that everytime we do an outing on Saturday-we get caught in a huge thunderstorm???

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Anonymous said...

Hope all is well, just wanted to drop you a comment (Like I said I would). :P You'll have to hook me up with some of those amazing pictures we took that day! Can't wait to help you guys out.

ps. My email is