Saturday, July 12, 2008

Salineville Salt Festival

We are sitting out at the Salt festival waiting for the croud from the parade to arrive.
As always, we are very optimistic about the turn-out.
If we can get 1 tip or 1 lead to take to the police, then our mission is accomplished.
And above all else, making the public aware of these cases and coming forward if they have any new info.
I will be doing some major updating of this site tonight and tomorrow including a list of victims that we need your help with.
Please check back and of course, spread the word...

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Rhoda said...

I to had to watch my mothers heart break at the loss of my sister and neice(Linda and Angel). I truely hope that 35yrs later you will not still be waiting as we are for answers. Thank "GOD" for Belinda and Kim we all have been sent some angels of our own to help us help each other. Maybe someday someone will tell us what we are looking for. To each and every family I have not met yet and to those I have please know my heart is with you and our fight will never end.

To: Jessica who left a note saying she is a cousin to linda and angel Who are you please contact me Rhoda @330-679-2204