Thursday, August 21, 2008

Candlelight Vigil

Please join us on Saturday the 23rd at 7 pm for a candlelight vigil in honor of all of the unsolved murders and missing persons in Columbiana County.
It will be at the gazebo in the center of town (Lisbon) by the courthouse. Candles will be provided and we will have t-shirts available for purchase. As always, donations are welcome.
We will have alot of families in attendance and hope that you will stop by and say hello or say a prayer for us, give us a hug or share any info that you might have.
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Belinda and Kim for helping me through last night. Its funny how I can be so strong and think I have a grip on my emotions, but when it comes to speaking to others who know how I feel, I melt. Its been 13 years and it still seems as if it just happened. Thanks again for being my support. My mom needed me up there.

Belinda Puchajda said...

Michelle, you were wonderful! I am so happy that you came. people really related to you because you are so sincere. Thank you for being part of our family and for helping out with things!
we love you! Belinda

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank all of you for posting " James Brenneman" through you folks I made the phone call nessasary to aid in my quest.
Thanks again