Tuesday, September 30, 2008

37 Months

Today markes 37 months since my cousin Mike was murdered. He was 37 when he died. I went up to visit his grave for a few hours yesterday and even though I deal with this all of the time, I still cry as if it just happened yesterday. Of course some days are better than others, it still hurts so deep in my heart that I have a hard time breathing. I ask myself when this feeling will go away. When it's been 5 years, 10? Or am I going to have this ache in the middle of my heart forever?
Losing him was hard enough, but knowing that whoever killed him is still out there and knowing that there is SOMEONE out there that knows what happened and they are keeping quiet is almost too much to have to bare. And I am only Mike's cousin. I cannot even imagine how my Aunt feels. Murder is so unfair! You don't get to say goodbye, you don't get to know what happened, some people treat you like if they get too close they will "Catch murder" and there are a host of other emotions that I don't even want to get started with.
Mike was my cousin. I loved him. He was a real person with a real life, hopes, dreams, etc. and I am angry someone took that away. Mike had a great sense of humor and I miss him constantly picking on me. I miss his stories. I miss the way he would always tell me to "simmer down" or "behave" when I wasn't doing anything, but he knew I was thinking about it!
Please- if you know ANYTHING!! Anything at all about what happened to Mike, please email me or call the tip line. (please see billboard photo). Knowing why and/or who will ease at least some of the pain!


winnshtx said...

Thank you Belinda for reminding the community that it has been 37 months since Mike was murdered.
As his Mom - it is very hard to make myself believe that he is really gone- I want to see his wonderful smile and hear him say Hi Mom - just one more hug. To me he meant the world- I miss him more then anyone could possibly know. A Mother's love is very strong and loosing your child changes your world into a world of sadness! Death is final - no more - nor more - no more anything!
Please - someone out there knows something - help us get justice for Mike. That is the least we can do! Someone needs to pay for taking his life!
Mike's Mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like this org needs to throw in the towel. The success rate to date in helping to solve even one murder has been non successful. I know this will upset the families and especially the two ladies running this org but the facts are the facts. As long as this county has the failing leadership it has you will never see one murder solved and that justice that you are searching for will never happen. This county is absolutely dreadful in that aspect. The justice system is a disgrace. The prosecuting attorneys office is nothing but a political personal goal. I'm sorry but the murder list will continue to climb and more and more cases will continue to go unsolved unless this organization starts screaming at the top of their lungs. My heart goes out to each of the families but this unfortnately is the hard cold facts.

Leigh Ann said...

Thinking of Mike and his family today. Rest in Peace.

winnshtx said...

To Anonymous:
How do you propose that we start?
Give us some ideas that may help us SCREAM AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS FOR JUSTICE????


Any ideas?

Mike's Mom