Friday, September 26, 2008

Greg Shaffer

I have recently decided that I don't like politics very much. This story in todays Morning Journal was rediculious. What a waste of print. How about we make a great big deal out of something stupid? I am pretty sure that there are much more important issues in Columbiana County right now than what Greg Shaffer did or didn't owe in taxes.It really brings to light the old phrase "Dirty Politics."


Anonymous said...

I thought this was a site about homicide victims - when did it become a political site?

Anonymous said...

I know what she is talking about. For the last two events we have had for the unsolved murders in our county, 1. the candlelight vigil for ALL of the victims on Aug. 23, and 2. The candlelight vigil for Craig Roberts on Sept. 19, we got next to nothing on news coverage. Like her, I believe unsolved murders in this county is far more important than some guy who isn't paying his taxes! Who honestly cares about that? I am far more worried about all the murderers running loose in our county.
Apparently some people need it spelled out for them.

Leigh Ann said...

Belinda, I saw this on Americas Most Wanted last night. It's about how to get your stories out there more whether its about a missing loved one or just trying to solve a case.

Hope it helps some.

Leigh Ann said...
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