Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Columbiana Street Fair

As usual, we had a great time at The Columbiana Street Fair. It was a bit surprising though that there are still so many people out there that have never heard about all of these cases. We still had quite a few people come up to us with the pure look of horror on their faces. And of course, we had alot of people question the police and place the blame there. We tried to explain that they are too short staffed and that hopefully, with the new Sheriff and changes in the elections, we will finally get more man-power and then these cases will get solved. At least that's what I like to believe, anyways.
We were in the political tent and as usual, we had a great time talking to everyone.
It is going to be tough for us come election time because there are so many good people running for offices now. Thanks guys for caring about these victims!

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