Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leetonia Political Debate

Ok, at the risk of getting tons of emails from people about this posting, I am posting this anyway.
Last night in Leetonia, Kim, Barb, Sheena, Manda and myself all attended the political debate between our county officials. As most of you understand, this is a very important year for us as an organization and we have huge stakes in the outcome of these races....Commissioners control the money, which of course determines whether or not we get more police on the roads to make our communities safe and the Sheriff will either be our greatest ally or could hinder us such as former Sheriff David Smith did. It is so important that we are recognized as a force in this county. We have a strong voice and I strongly believe that we are being heard.
Our unsolved homicides were a hot topic last night. And frankly, we deserve to be.
I think everyone that attended would agree that this is a very big problem in our county.

No matter what you feel about the Presidential election, please, please go to the polls and vote for our local candidates. I have heard from several people that because they don't like Obama or McCain, they are not going to vote at all.
Please do not do that!
This county needs you to vote! Make your voice heard.
Big changes are coming in Columbiana County and there are some great people in office already that need your vote to stay there and there are also some changes that need to be made. Let's make sure that everyone in office deserves to be there and will make the changes needed to finally protect our citizens, protect our witnesses and assure that there will be no more UNSOLVED MURDERS!!

Pictured in the photos are Craig Brown, our Full-Time County Recorder, John Soldano, who is running for Sheriff and is currently Chief of Police in Leetonia, and Ray Stone who is our current Sheriff.

There is going to be another debate on October 29th, at 6pm at the Lisbon High School.
Please attend and show your support to the CCFHV by wearing your t-shirts.
It will give everyone a great chance to get up close and personal with all of these people that are going to have a huge impact ion our lives for the next 4 years!
Hope to see you there!


Leigh Ann said...

How wonderful that CCFHV was mentioned! You are finally getting the attention you deserve!

As for those who aren't voting at all because of one candidate, I feel bad for them. Voting is a right and a privilege and should never be taken for granted.

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to attend the political debate in Leetonia the other night... and I was very pleased with some of the things that some of the candidates had to say and then not so pleased with other candidates. I also very much appreciated Mr. Soldano for mentioning the CCFHV as soon as he took the podium. We ARE finally getting the attention that we deserve and its wonderful. All of the work that not only myself and my mom have helped with but ALL of the TONS and TONS of hours that Belinda and Kim have put into this organization is FINALLY being recognized. If it werent for those 2 ladies then everyone in this county would have just went on living their lives never knowing about all of the unsolved murders and missing persons that there are here in the county. So, heres to you Belinda and Kim and I want to thank you so much for all that your doing for not only Lousie's case but for ALL of the families! I love you both!


Re-Elect Craig Brown Our Full Time County Recorder