Friday, January 9, 2009

More Officers=Lower Crime

The following is an article in The Salem News. It is proof that if we had more Deputies on the roads, the crime rate would drop in this county... Here is something to ponder....Washingtonville has 14 officers for that little bitty town and we have 19 sheriff's deputies for the entire county... Anyone see a problem here???

Crime lower

Washingtonville releases stats

POSTED: January 9, 2009

WASHINGTONVILLE - Washingtonville Police Chief John Finch said the village's crime rate dropped 11 percent in 2008.

According to statistics in the department's annual report, 62 arrests were made in 2008, which is eight fewer than the 70 arrests made in 2007.

Nearly all of the arrests, 59, were for misdemeanor, or less serious, criminal activities.

"Eighty-percent of law enforcement is officer presence," Finch said. "People are deterred [from committing crimes] because we're out there."

In addition to the arrests, the police department responded to 5,312 security checks, 482 public service calls and 11 traffic accidents.

In his four months as chief, Finch has built upon the structure put in place by former chief Jim Craven, who is now serving as the department's staff sergeant.

Finch added the department's first female officer, Becky Nickelson, and several male officers to form a complete staff of 15 part-time officers.

In addition, the department replaced an aged police

See STATS, Page 5A

cruiser with a new one and updated its computer system.

Finch praised the report, which was prepared by Craven, saying it is very important in fighting crime.

"The man's very intelligent. He prepared a great report," Finch said. "It lets us know what areas we need to be in and when we need to be there to reduce crime."

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely the funniest smoke blowing up the tooshie article I ever read. Crime didn't drop. Less people are reporting and more inexperienced and untrained officers in catching them are being hired. Someday you folks will figure this all out. When you stop electing the airheads you keep voting right back into office!