Thursday, May 7, 2009


Hi All!
I apologize for the lack of postings on here. I have been battling one cold bug or infection after another.
And as any family member can tell you, I was going threw a sever depression. I miss Mike so much and sometimes it hits you like a wave. I apologize to all of you for my lack of encouragement.
I will update everyone on all that we have been up to for the past few weeks.

1st we did a fundraiser at The Sears in Salem on April 25th. We had a blast. We of course made no money, well actually we made $3 in donations, but like I always say, we aren't in this for the money, We ARE our own party! LOL! It was extremely windy so alot of our time was spent chasing flyer's around, but as usual, we did get some really good tips and met some interesting people. Me, Kim, Mike, Cassidie, and Marian, Dave and Monica were all there.

Then the following Friday we were at Roger's Sale.

Okay, what else?
We FINALLY have the new shirts ready for the printer and will hopefully have the first batch sometime next week.
You have no idea how hard it is to design something with 27 names on there and NOT make it look cluttered.
I am putting a picture on here for everyone to see.

We have been doing alot of mailings too. so don't be surprised if you get a letter in the mail from me.
We will still be taking sponsors for the back of the shirts until the end of June, but if you are interested in sponsoring, get your paperwork in now to reserve your spot. Or you can always call me at 330-424-5603.
And as always, we need donations for supplies. The printing costs alone are expensive!
Just a little sidebar....Anything that you receive from me will always have our letterhead on there and my phone number to verify. I only bring this up because of someone falsely trying to solicit money a week or so ago saying that they work for the Prosecutor's Office.
Everything that I mail out has my phone number on it so that there is never any question!

I recently bought some static clings for your car windows that say I support the CCFHV. If you would like one, there is no charge as long as you promise to display it in your window! I don't have a whole lot of them but 20 or so, so let me know if you would like one. I will probably order more a little later on if they go well.

Well, that is about it for now. If I think of anything else, I will post it.
Have you a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

I sure have missed your comments.Hope you continue to feel much better so you can get out there and kick _ _ _ _ . With Mothers day and Memorial day comming all the families of victims need many shoulders and prayers. Thank you again for all you do.

Anonymous said...

Tonia Amato's name is spelled wrong on the t-shirt. Thanks!

Belinda Puchajda said...

Thanks for catching that! I have fixed it. Thanks again!

Tiffini said...

I would love to get a shirt and a cling from you. Will you be out a Roger's on May 8th?