Thursday, June 25, 2009

Todays' Memorial

I believe this just about covers it....
The Memorial For The Missing Persons In Columbiana County: What Did You Miss?
The memorial we had today was one of the most touching I have ever been to. Not only did we have the stories of our three missing persons, but we also had the families of Christopher Joy and J.C. Marcum there. These families were there to plead the cases of murdered children. Little 18 month old Christopher Joy and three year old Dalton Springer were remembered and not a dry eye was on that little empty lot.
You missed a chance to say Hi to our Sheriff, Ray Stone and meet Andy Sweeney, the Detective for the Sheriff Department who works on many of the murder cases.
You missed some heart felt words from Sherryl Jackson and Barb Davis who came to represent their loved ones Gene, and Louise. You missed a mean and nasty woman angry because we parked on both sides of the street. But mostly you missed the chance to support these brave families who fight every day for justice for their loved ones. They need you because murder should not be fought alone. Please think about that the next time we have an event. If we don't start saying something and showing that we won't put up with murder in our County, it will just keep happening. We picked up three new cases just last year. THREE! All unsolved. Is that all right with you? Showing your support would help so much. I understand that no one has any money to donate. That is not an issue. But your actual physical support shows our elected officials that the community cares, the same way your absence shows that murder is okay with you. That sure is what it looks like to me.
Kim Mitchell

I think the only thing that I would add is that MURDER EFFECTS EVERYONE! Not just "Other people"


Anonymous said...

Thank you Belinda,Kim and all those who attended the memorial.The presence of Sheriff Stone and Detective Sweeney let us know law inforcement is still listening to our cries for answers and justice.

Anonymous said...

I would like to have seen my aunts and cousins name mentioned along with pictures in this blog.I feel you should have mentioned where you were and why you were there and what that special time and day represented.I am hoping that at least their names were mentioned at the memorial event you had.I feel that our families are linked by the saddest most cruel thing but all three lives that were lost need to be remembered.

Child of the past

Anonymous said...

Chris, I did mention your Aunt and why we were at that location several times. On an earlier post about the event as well as during my speech at the memorial. I spoke of all 3. I promise you that Debbie and her 2 children were very much a part of the whole process.

Anonymous said...

Its actually Rubie Starr i am named after my grandmother,Debbie's mom but thank you for reassuring me,it means alot!