Friday, July 31, 2009

Dalton's Candle

We just wanted to give everyone an update on Dalton's Candle.

After many, many delays (not a result of us) we now have Dalton's Candle.

We were informed today when we were finally able to pick up the candle that due to the issues surrounding the headstone, that they will not put the candle on his grave now until we get permission from Tiffini's family. Which I am sure that we will get.

Anyhow, we are hoping that this will not be a problem, and have been assured by her that this is something that she wants, so in the meantime, because we will be at the Columbiana County Fair all next week, we are going to display the candle with us to show everyone and hopefully get written permission while we are out there so that we can place it on his grave as soon as the fair is over.

Ya know...this is so heartbreaking for us.

All we are trying to do is mark this grave for a very sweet little boy that has no marker and we keep hitting brick wall after brick wall!

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who donated to insure that Dalton is not forgotton. Please bear with us, while we get this whole mess taken care of!!


Anonymous said...

come on tiff-at least let dalton have some kind of memorial

Tiffini said...

This isn't my RULE..... It is the park manager's RULE!!! I am getting the request to have the candle put on Dalton's grave. I am also going to see about getting the headstone placed back on his grave.
So until you know what is going on PLEASE don't come at me with the attitude that you were giving me in the last post.
This site is for my son... He is the one that matters and he is the one that deserves the justice.
I know that people think that I knw what happened that night, well I am here to tell you that if I had anything to do with it would I be calling the Mr Herron and wanting to know what was going on with my son's case?
I would be hiding in the shadows like JC is he is the one that needs to be confronted about Dalton's case.
Thank you Belinda and Kim, and all that donated money to get this wonderful candle for Dalton. He would have loved the candle.

Tiffini said...

I am so glad that you like me so much... I need friends like you....
You need to get a life.... If you have something to say about the issue of my sons death then and only then do you need to speak!!!!
Have a wonderful day!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of to say about your son's death Tiffini but unfortnately you are saying all the wrong things. It will come full circle Tiffini.

Tiffini said...

What am I not saying? If you know aomething that I am not saying please inform me. I have spoken with Belinda and Kim. I have also spoken with the proper authorites. So please let me know what I have missed.
Thanks for your help!!!