Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here are some highlites from day 1 at the Columbiana County Fair. We had a visit from the State Treasurer, Kevin Boyce. He was very nice. We were saddened to hear he and his family had lost a loved one to murder some years ago. He said he knew how many of the families were feeling. We greatly appreciated that he stopped by to visit and hope he does so again. Dan Bing of the procecuters office and Craig Brown, our County Recorder, also paid us a visit. Thank you Dan and Craig for taking the time to see what we were doing.

Sheriff Ray Stone stopped twice to visit us this first day. We always love seeing our favorite Sheriff. He is still working to try to get the money to hire at least one more Sheriff Deputy. So far he has had no luck, but knowing Sheriff Stone, he won't give up.
We also had a visit from the Christopher Joy Jr. family. Kathy and Chris and many other members of his family came out to lend their support.

Finally, you see Belinda and two of our volunteers for this week, Mariane and Katie. They are always ready for a photo at a moments notice. Oh, and they do great work at our booth, too.

And so ends day one. We had many other visiters and made some great new friends. We can't wait to see what we run into the rest of this week. Hope to see you at the Columbiana County Fair.

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