Thursday, August 6, 2009

Columbiana County Fair Day 2

Here you see some of our adventures in day 2 of the Columbiana County Fair. We met some more great people. Gary Paulin's family stopped to visit. Our friend Carl from KLG Ambulance Service stopped by to visit with his family, the KLG crew. KLG sponsored us this year and we are grateful for their interest and support.

Charlie from the Lisbon Chamber of Commerce stopped by to say Hello. Thank you Charlie.

Belinda, Katie, and Mariane took a few minutes to have a Pringles break. Did we mention that we love them? They are the best.

Rachel and Amber Davis came to help out at the booth today. Rachel is Louise Davis's sister. They stayed about 6 hours, talking to people and handing out our business cards. We were busy and their help was greatly appreciated.
The Vaughn Family also stopped out to visit. They bought a couple of "Justice for Dalton" tee shirts and let us know they support us. We can't thank you enough Vaughn family!

As you can see, we are wearing new shirts. "Where is Gene Lysle." is printed on our new shirts. They are $10 each. They are sponsored by his mom, Sherryll Jackson.

And so ends day 2 of the Columbiana County Fair for the CCFHV. Hope to see you out there!

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