Sunday, August 16, 2009

CCFHV is Working!!

What Kind of Information Is CCFHV Finding Out There?

CCFHV has been all over the county in the last two years.
We have talked to hundreds of people that either knew the victims
or heard about the cases, or that knows family members. We have talked to
total strangers with a sympathetic ear.
Because of this, we get tips we can give the police.
This was the plan and it is working. We also encourage people
who know something to call the respective police stations and tell them what they know.
Perhaps what we discover most are simple little things that are not
necessarily big parts of a case, but answer questions. Or we hear
things that endears one of the persons on our list to our hearts even more.
Or we hear something that ties the story together as to why something was done.
We often hear some not so nice stories as well. Maybe the stories are true, more often than not, they are not true.
Having these kinds of conversations with the public gives us a chance to set the record straight.
All of our victims are just that...VICTIMS...
We are not here to judge anyone for things that happened in their lives. The one thing that we
know for sure is that each and every one of them were murdered in cold blood.
Maybe they were not a pillar of the community and maybe they were not a decon in their church, but they still had
the right to live a complete life. Someone took that away from them and left their families
to try to carry on with that knowledge.Just because they were human does not give anyone the right to be judge, jury and
Why do we know these things? Because we are out there asking people.
That is what we do. All of these cases, some of which are 40 years old,
the police have nothing to work on. Once a case gets too old, it isn't even worked on at all.
Names on our list like Irvin Keefer, Bruce Burton, Dick Hubbard, James Brennamen, James Anthony Sr.,
Frank Daniels, Craig Roberts, and others have not had their cases worked on in years.
Now, keep in mind that no case in Columbiana County is declared cold that we know of.
They will run down a lead on most of them whenever they can.
But if there is nothing to work with, they can't. We keep people talking about the cases and therefore get new leads on the cases
to give them something to work on.
We try to make sure we tell people as we talk about our 28 cases what
info we hear on the street that has been validated. We never talk about any clues we get that
we are sure are not just rumor. Like Mike Williams was found in an SUV in a ditch for example is not true.
He was in a maroon Probe, and attempted to be driven into a pond. He was not on drugs,
he was not seeing a married woman. We make corrections like that to help crush the many rumors
out there that are not true.
Finally, we do our best to work with the families whenever possible. Personally, this sometimes is not an easy task.
Belinda knows personally the pain of being a family memeber and alot of the time, people forget that.
We cannot be drawn into the middle of family disagreements, or we will not walk on eggshells to please anyone.
We are always open to suggestions but do not enjoy being punching bags when we are usually the only
two out there fighting for YOUR family members.
We are all alone. There has never been another organization like this. We are going to make mistakes.
There is no handbook for us to follow. It is very easy to pass judgement on us when you are not out there dealing
with the stories, lies, mean people, cranky family members who get upset because we have more information than
they do, dealing with the frustration of Law Enforcement, politics, rumors, and did I mention that we spend endless
hours in the sun, rain, wind, etc..and also spend a ton of our money to be out there for the victims.
We get emotional about these victims because we care about these victims. plain and simple.
CCFHV is out there for the TRUTH.
We are out there to let everyone know that these people are not forgotten. They were here.
Their time was cut short because someone murdered them. Some one has to start caring and trying
to make a difference. That is what CCFHV is trying to do.


Anonymous said...

that is a very good story-i hope that someday all of rhe victims and their families find peace

Leigh Ann said...

All it takes is one little word here or there or a past, faint memory to trigger something bigger!

Somebody knows something!

Anonymous said...

You guys are doing a great job keep it up - just wait till a case is solved from what you've done and the hard work you've put in - that will be the time people realize the importance of something like this...

Anonymous said...

i grew up close to the old super 30. my best friend called our house screaming what had happened, we were just kids then, but i remember it as if it was yesterday, someone knows, someone needs to say something , for all of us who remember that horrible day