Friday, August 28, 2009

The Vigil Will Go On, Even In The Rain.

CCFHV has plenty of experience conducting our events in the rain. The pic above is from the 2009 Columbiana County Fair. It rained a lot that day, but we stayed any way. This vigil is only once a year. Also, our schedule is completely packed for the next six weeks. Mike William's mom is only in town for four days before she returns home as well, so rain is not going to be a deterrent for us. Please come anyway and bring an umbrella. We hope God smiles on us and grants us some sunshine for our event. But if not, we will deal like we always do. Hope to see you there!!


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Anonymous said...

Belinda & Kim,
You ladies did a Wonderful Job putting this together for all our victims and our families!! (And the Good Lord did hold the rain off for it. Thank You Jesus!)
I think events like this make us all realize, even though we don't always say it, how much time and hard work you both put into this for us and the victims. We are very greatful and really do appreciate it and Love you all the more for it!
Just wanted to say Thank You again and I love you guy!